Closing one window closes others....

  • On a few occasions now, when I have 2 or 3 separate browser windows open, I have closed one of them and the others have all closed too!
    Anyone else had this or just me?
    Version 1.15.1125.3

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    @sclg Probably just a mouse. with loose connections sending double-clicks when you meant to single-click.

    I sometimes accidentally close other applications sitting underneath my single Vivaldi window.

  • @sclg I've been having this a lot. Sometimes happens when I close an undocked Dev tool window.

    With regular windows it seems to happen a lot when I have a normal window and a private one.

    To answer @pesala this is not an issue of accidentally clicking close on multiple windows as it still happens when the windows are small in different parts of the screen.

  • I can confirm this. I have 2 monitors, I use both of them. I have 2 separate browser windows open. The first window is in the first monitor, in the first window I browsing something, and the second window is in the second monitor, and the second window I watching YouTube videos. When I click the close button (first window), the second window also closes. But it doesn't always happen. Just sometimes.

    I'm using Vivaldi Snapshot 1.15.1125.3 (32 bit) (but it occured in the stable version too. {Vivaldi Stable 1.14.1077.XX <-- I don't know which build I used for the last time} )
    Windows 10 Home edition Build number 16299.309 (64 bit)

  • I can confirm this problem.
    I was really surprised first time but it happened to me several times since then...
    I hope devs will manage to fix these annoying regressions (old and new ones) before stable release.
    @Pesala Missclicking doesn't happen across 3 monitors with different windows ;)

    I hope somebody reported it?

  • If you have "strict site isolation" enabled then this is likely to be the culprit.

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