Add easy import of SSL certificates to Vivaldi

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    For regular users Vivaldi is missing a function to add SSL certificates in a easy way to a browser certificate store.

    Currently you have to use tools like Windows Certificate Manager, Linux command line tool certutil or a internal Vivaldi certificates page, or Mac Keychain Access.

    Firefox and Opera 12 have both a userfriendly way to add a exception and/or to import a certificate.

  • @gwen-dragon It is already possible (in the Linux version) to import server certs (not tested for CAs) via the basic UI chrome://settings/certificates on the Server section.
    After import the trust flags are wrong (,, instead of P,,) so the cert is shown in Others instead of Server section and without posibility to change trust flags.

    I'm not shure if this is a Chromium bug or intentional design choice.

    In bug case:
    Might be a good idea to dispatch this to Vivaldi or upstream devs.

    In design choice case:
    A better integrated and more comlete cert managment interface for Vivaldi with

    • Better overview of cert trust states (no modal window for show/edit)
    • Option to restore default settings for builtin certs

    might be the more useful in general.

    The regular Windows import (in CA section, no separation for server certs) on the other hand adds a number of unnecessary permissions. It might be possible to wrap this operation for easier access and a more limited cert feature set.

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