Extension for theme font size enlargement

  • Is there an extension which can enlarge the tabs' titles and the bookmark toolbar folder names, etc.? I am looking for something like Firefox's userChrome.css, or any extension that could do this.

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    No, the UI can only be changed by Modifications. Please ask in that forum.

    But you may set the UI zoom in Vivaldi Tools -> Settings -> Appearance.

  • @Gwen-Dragon tanks again. First I'll try in Appearance.

  • Vivaldi are the only folk who can change theme font size enlargement you are looking at? I to miss the theme & font app in firefox.

    I have asked for this a long time ago,as my sight is bad,and I along with many others would be very grateful if Vivaldi can do this sometime soon please

    People keep saying use the UI zoom in Vivaldi Tools? but to my limited knowledge that does not do what we are asking for

  • @rcwiesel, agree with you completely. This was the single reason that I couldn't use Google chrome/chromium. Vivaldi's user modifiable theme colors can be contrasted and this is where they should allow limited font-size modification . If one uses the Appearance settings, precious screen real estate is lost.

    An interesting feature of Firefox Quantum is that they retained the the use of their userChrome.css. Supposedly, Quantum is using the same web engine as Vivaldi, which means that it is a design deficiency of Google Chromium and not the web engine's limitation.

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