[Unpacked Extension] Dark Chrome CSS

  • Small extension I did some time ago to theme chrome:// pages

    It shouldn't harm your profiles :)

    UPDATED 12/09/18 (changelog since 1.0)

    • Changed cat.png (well actually is the same);
    • Cleaned up code (moved most common css in first section);
    • Color fixes (reds, green, grays and removed most g-blue);
    • Fixed most tables in chrome:// pages;
    • Fixed most chrome:// exotic pages;
    • Improved vivaldi://extensions (and keyboard shortcuts);
    • Inverted most buttons/input/textbox/selects etc;
    • Modified vivaldi://print (wasn't dark anymore after buttons invert);
    • Removed background/permissions (weren't useful)

    Tested on Vivaldi 2.0.1300.5 / Chromium 69 -- but it should work with any stable or snapshot version (Chromium 63+)
    [Soon I'll remove the legacy extension/keyboard shortcuts page code which is Material Design only now]

  • Works, good job. At first I thought you are theming devtools and I got confused, maybe change the title to something other than Dev Extension :P

  • It works fine. The colors are not ‹ugly›: the green is…green and the red is really red, that's all. And as @luetage , I thought, at first sight, it was about theming devtools.

  • Well done @Hadden89

    Would it be possible to have it look to Vivaldi's style sheet (or wherever the var(--colors) are located so that you could then use them and have it themed by the settings in Vivaldi?

  • @sjudenim It should be doable, I'm doing some test
    edit working on better and easier solution

    But... hard. As I really don't know how to expose colors without random bug at vivaldi startup.

  • @hadden89 The extension doesn't load, you have an error in your manifest file.

    edit: damn, that's not an extension :D
    2nd edit: it's an extension after all, where is the manifest file?
    3rd edit: now I'm just confused, this is a custom hook for the dead custom hooks project? why??!

  • @luetage Which one? Do you mean in the first post?
    The previous js is for browser.html... I should have written it.

  • edit

  • I've tried this, and it seems to still kind of work with vivaldi 2.0 snapshots.

    The "material design" cards, don't get themed fully though - they remain white.

    Also, the extension functions perfectly fine without the permissions and background in the manifest, I'm not sure why they were there.

  • @lonm Actually they're not need.
    I was experimenting to understand why is not shown in task manager and then I forgot to remove them. I guess I'll do it. Permissions removed.
    About the cards, I tried to change them, but the style seems to be hidden somewhere.
    I've never understood how to skin them as #card have a background: white and not a Material Design variable like expected, same for some links which still are blue (under a color: rgba value) =(
    Basically, I can change :root, html, body - for Material Design - and any value for chromium core pages (if not are material ones).

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