Increase Width of the Most Used Tabs

  • Among all the tabs you've opened and which are visible, some are more important than others, those should be larger than the others.

    The most top-clicked or long-viewed tabs should be automaticaly less shrinked than the others when new tabs appear into the chain. So far, selecting them with cursor, or simply locating them among the tabs should become easier. In this way, each enlarged tab even become a mark to help to locate the others tabs (I don't read all the tab chain, I know that the tab that I'm searching for, is after this particular enlarged one)

  • This reading feature could be also forced manually, clicking over the tab in a particular way (such a double-click for example), to mark tabs which are thought important for the user.

  • A graphical suggestion among the various way of the vivaldi interface : look the google page enlarged when there are few tab or a lot of them.


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