App totally disappeared!

  • I've been using your browser for a week or two now and I LOVE IT. I'm an intense "googler" - although now I've switched to duckduck go...but I do alot of searching & end up with a lot of tabs. I love the mini window on the left for dual pages. I love the color options too, but I set mine to the dark pink and the tabs have decided to play the rainbow when I open things or do whatever. That's confusing. Also when I hit the back button to go back to my search engine result list it completely resets and I have to type everything in again. Idk if that's on them or you though... Either way the functions and UI of this browser are Very helpful! Thank you! I have a macbook pro & I have to tell the computer "yes" to open the app Everytime & I just recently did a restart & The entire browser COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! Searched the entire pc and it was just gone! .... but luckily when I reinstalled it I still have all my bookmarks and favicons/settings :) & it asked me this when it opened ??? I just hit no or cancel because idk what it means. I do hope that you grow, & build a mobile browser as well, and maybe get an "English" Forum. I hope the translation of this goes smoothly. The option to view three webpages at once within the same window would be awesome as well.
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