Unsolicited Repo killed Synaptic, my package manager

  • Someone at Vivaldi decided to insert a new repository on MY MACHINE and thereby killed Synaptic, my package manager. I just spent 3 hours tracking this down. I commented out the entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vivaldi-snapshot.list and then Synaptic runs again.
    You should stop messing around with things you don't understand.

    @CantankRus This is why I feel uneasy with current solutions from vivaldi.

    ModEdit: That is not a PPA. I edited the title.

  • @albert-wagner you can thank chromium developers for the cron script that will run once a day to reenable that entry.

    It is a broken "one shoe fits none" solution but since it came from upstream, one can only partially blame Vivaldi devs. The method keys and repos are handled for debian distros this way can be called intrusive at best…

    The error cause on the other hand seems to be a currently broken CDN (bad cert and no content).

  • How did it kill synaptic?
    I believe you're using Solydx which I recently installed to have a look at.
    The added repository didn't kill synaptic for me or have any negative effects.

  • @cantankrus during the time me and @albert-wagner posted the request for


    returned an error. No chance for the package manager (using apt/aptitude on command line here) to work correctly in this condition.
    The certificate on the server is still wrong (bad domain name *.netdna-ssl.com).
    Even with ignoring the error, https requests for the same files still result in 404.

    Making the request via http (only) on command line (with curl) now works again.
    HSTS for vivaldi.com enforces HTTPS upgrade in browsers resulting in bad cert error.

  • This post is deleted!

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