OpenType Fonts Downloaded from Github are Incomplete

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    I downloaded 16 IBM Plex fonts from Github, but none of them would open in my font editor, FontCreator from High-Logic.

    After making some investigations, it seems that the files are not beeing fully downloaded with Right-click, Save link as..

    A file that should be 112 Kbytes is only 40 Kybtes on disk. I reported this already as:

    (VB-38632) OpenType Fonts Downloaded from Github are Incomplete

    Every file is the exact same size on disk, and shows the correct file extension.

    0_1521225993360_File Properties.png

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    Did you think to use the links listed at ?
    Those page contents do not link to the raw binary. You should open the link of the font and hit Raw button or use context menu on button.

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    @gwen-dragon I discovered that later, but Edge allegedly downloads the files just fine with right-click, Save link as from the links on that page. Opening each link, then clicking on download is an extra unwanted step.

    I have seen similar problems with OpenOffice dictionaries. Bad web design, but other browsers cope better with it.

    Downloading with MS Edge gives me a 108 KB File which opens without error in FontCreator

    Edit: I checked for myself using Microsoft Edge, and like Opera 12.18, that saves an HTML file, not the linked content. So the user who said it worked in Edge was obviously opening each link to download the file.

    Firefox 59 and Opera 51 have the same issue as Vivaldi.

    I think you can close the bug report. This is just down to the way the site is designed.

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