Mouse Gestures keep crashing

  • I'm only experiencing this since updating my Vivaldi Snapshot to the newer version yesterday, basically all mouse gestures break and become dysfunctional until i restart Vivaldi then they work for a while then break yet again.

    This is not a complaint per se, i'm just bringing it to attention since it's a snapshot version and they could use all kinds of bug reporting on various systems. I told @ruari about this on Twitter (Did he always have no hair?) I hope this is the right section to report snapshot bugs, not talk about Ruari's hair, which does deserve a section of its own if you ask me.

    Well have a nice day until the next complaint.

  • @nickparkermusic Some users have problems with mouse gesture since latest snapshot. Personally I can't reproduce it.

  • I can reproduce it, both normal and rocker gestures don't work reliably. Sometimes they work, but it's very jumpy (as if the system was at 100% load).

  • This post is deleted!

  • The mouse gestures issue has been fixed in the last Vivaldi Snapshot update.

    Thank you Vivaldi team for fixing this so fast.

  • Spoke too soon.
    The gestures and right clicking all together broke again even after updating and restarting my browser.


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