[Suggest] Drag 'n' drop move bookmarks

  • Hi there! I'm trying the browser in Linux. I came from Firefox and can say that Vivaldi it's winning my heart, jajaja. But i'd like to suggest that the icons of bookmark could be moved to another folder dragging and dropping them, in the Speed Dial - Bookmarks tab. 'Cause i have to enter to the page to edit the location pressing the icon of favorite, and i thought that it's unnecessary access to the page to edit the folder. Thank you.

  • Assuming the Linux UI is the same as, or at least similar to, the Windows UI, the individual Speed Dials on your Speed Dial/Bookmarks/History tab are comprised of the shortcuts in the Speed Dial folder in your Bookmarks (I know, kind of confusing when you say it or see it in print). You can simply drag and drop exactly as you want from within the Bookmarks Manager (click the button near top of the Speed Dial) or from the Bookmarks Sidebar/Panel (more cumbersome IMO).

    BTW, you can also designate a different Bookmarks folder to be used for your Speed Dial (or your Bookmarks Toolbar, if you use it) in the right-click context menu ifrom within the Bookmarks Manager.


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