[1.15.1125.3] Download option "Save as ..." is not working any more

  • Hi *,

    I experience the fact that saving with a different filename does not work any more with the version 1.15.1125.3, even if the option to save to default download location is not selected in the settings.

    I am not asked any more where I want the download to be saved.

    With this behavior TiddlyWiki is not working anymore, because it relies on the fact that you can choose where to store when you save the TiddlyWiki file.

    Am I the only one with this behavior? What do I do wrong?

    Best regards

  • I cannot confirm, works for me. Any example where doesn't work for you?

  • Oops, It seems to be a strange thing.

    First, thank you for coming back so quickly :-).

    I take back the general "saving with a different filename does not work any more".
    When downloading a file, you are asked where to download to. No problem.

    In my case it's to save my personal TiddlyWiki-file. I am using TiddlyWiki quite a lot, and when saving one I am usually asked where to store it (necessary because otherwise it would get always a different filename).

    When I save my TiddlyWiki-file now, I am not asked anymore and instead of saving the file, there is a new tab opening with the TiddlyWiki-file with a strange address like: "blob:blob:null/8096ed51-4957-4b43-99ba-9b87c8ea943e".

    I checked an empty TiddlyWiki-file that I downloaded from "tiddlywiki.com". That brand-new file does have the normal and expected behavior, i.e. it asks me where I want to save the file and with which filename.

    I checked this now with my personal ones on two computers, one Ubuntu and one Windows 10. The same bad behavior - no saving, but opening a new tab with a strange address.

    I am helpless, because I cannot give you an example. I cannot reveal my personal one and I have no idea how to create a failing example.

    And yes, on FF the behavior is as expected without trouble.

    So, indeed, the title is misleading. Can we change that?


  • Vivaldi Translator

    Snapshot v1.15.1125.3 seems to give a lot of issues with extensions like this... I found a report with the exact same issue in Evernote Web Clipper in another thread (Japanese).

    It helps to know multiple languages sometimes 🙂

    Are you using any of the TiddlyWiki extensions for Chrome? Like "savetiddlers?"

    @ian-coog said in [1.15.1125.3] Download option "Save as ..." is not working any more:
    I cannot confirm, works for me. Any example where doesn't work for you?

    I found a similar issue ^

  • @axelmklein I have exactly the same problem using TiddlyWiki on Chrome. I'm not currently using Vivaldi but stumbled across your post while googling the problem. So I doubt that this issue is specific to Vivaldi. I have logged an issue here, which you may want to track: https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/issues/3200

  • Moderator

    @axelmklein I found that if no default destination is selected that downloads are saved in Vivaldi's Application folder. Please check that folder for your downloads and set a default location for downloads.

  • The issue is solved!

    The bug was due to the change to chrome 65.xxx and the solution is to update the TiddlyWiki with the TiddlyWiki-upgrader to the newest version of TiddlyWiki:


    This gives you the normal behavior of being able to save the file back.

    Thanks for all the contibutions!
    Best regards


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