Please add close buttons in Window Panel

  • The new Window Pane is a great feature to manage too many windows. A great improvement would be to have a little close button beside each one to allow easy closing.

    Currently to right-click and choose close is very cumbersome.

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    @chis1 It is already there if you have enabled the close button on tabs.

    0_1521177724686_Close Button.png

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1125.3 (64-bit)

  • Ah, but I've had to turn off having close buttons on tabs. When tabs get very small (because I've got too many open), clicking on one all too often hits the close button and closes the tab.

    So I've hit an alternative for tiny tabs: using double-click to close them.

    Any sort of UI that would enable easy selection or closing of tabs and easy closing of tabs in the Window Pane would be great.

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    • Don't open so many tabs
    • Stack tabs
    • Open a new window for other sites or projects

  • @pesala So I tried to be good and use multiple windows. Renabled close button on tabs, which seemed to need a Vivaldi restart to come to life, so I closed my windows (with all their tabs). When I restarted Vivaldi, I was left with just one window, the window with just one tab. The other windows with many tabs are lost, and no obvious way to recover them.

    So this is why I've avoided spreading load around multiple windows - restoring tabs is uncertain in Vivaldi anyway, and multiple windows are likely to end up losing everything.

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    @chis1 said in Please add close buttons in Window Panel:

    The other windows with many tabs are lost, and no obvious way to recover them.

    Try using File, Exit instead of clicking the close button on each window. However, the closed windows should be recoverable from the Trash Can list of closed tabs.

  • A double click to close tab would be an obvious feature for window panel. I am really looking forward to hearing about it. The "x" is too tiny and uncomfortable to press.


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