Hangouts Extension not working after update to 1.15.1125.3-1

  • Today I updated vivaldi-snapshot from 1.15.1111.3-1 to 1.15.1125.3-1 and now the Hangouts Extension doesn't work anymore. It opens in its window as it should, but I can't click anything. Context menu works, but only for the whole iframe, not for elements inside that iframe. It seems all clicks are redirected to the iframe itself instead of underlying elements.

    This is on Ubuntu bionic (18.04) with today's updates.

  • Same problem here exactly!

  • @jimtdi Yep, this also affects LastPass as mentioned in the snapshot post. And a few more.

  • I have the same issue, also 1.15.1130 does not fix it.
    So I downgraded to 1111 and keep it on "hold".

    Other extensions are also effected, UI is not responding to mouse events (hover, click etc).

    Another thing with hangout since a couple of snapshots: When I click a link somebody sent me the link will open as new "tab" in de hangout windows. As the hangout window has no tabs I have to close the whole hangout window.

    KR hook


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