Closed Tabs

  • Top right of the browser there is a dustbin icon (closed tabs) Although there is a "Clear Option" it is a manual task, I would like to know if it's possible to have the list of closed tabs erased automatically each time the browser is closed. Various addons I have tried will clear browsing history but not this closed tabs list. I have also looked in the Vivaldi settings but can't find anything there.

  • Asked the same. Is not possible. I think it is strange. History of visited websites can be deleted by Vivaldi but closed tabs (= visited websites) not. Design mistake.

  • Yes so basically there's no privacy in Vivaldi as anyone that had access to your pc could see what sites you had visited unless you remember to clear the closed tabs everytime.
    Now I'm not personally worried as I don't visit sites that I wouldn't mind others knowing about except maybe what if I was looking for a present for my wife for example.
    It's a oversight by the developers that shouldn't exist.
    How do we make suggestions for new features, can anyone tell me please.

  • @rwba
    Yes, there is a special Feature Request category.

    Other user can up vote your request.

    Cheers, mib

  • @rwba You really think that's the worst that could happen when anyone finds your pc in an unlocked state, that they see your closed tabs?

    I'm surprised, because I would be far more worried that they have access to my passwords, can take a look at all my files and applications, have access to my email, well, you see where I am going with this.

    The point is: Don't leave your device unlocked for anyone to use. And even within the family everyone should have their own user account – it's a very basic security (and privacy) principle.

  • Thank you for all the input everyone which I shall take onboard.


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