Vivaldi Experiments Features not possible to disable

  • First of all this is no major issue for me - I was just wondering if I am doing something wrong.
    I discovered that the Hue integration was enabled so I disabled it --> restarted and it was enabled again.
    Further testing showed that I can't disable any of those features after I enabled them once (including sync btw)

    Snapshot 1.15.1111.3 (32bit) win7 (64bit)

    Any guesses?

  • @zaibon You are correct, I can't seem to either. This may be one of two things:

    • Experiments being force enabled because it's a snapshot
    • This is actually a bug and needs to be reported

    It's probably worth filing a bug for this regardless.

  • File a bug as: (VB-38599) Experimental Features can't be disabled

  • Moderator

    @zaibon Confirmed your bug in BT.

  • @zaibon related mis-representation and non-persistence of experimental features on

    Stable 1.14.1077.55 (64bit) Linux (64bit)
    Only sync state is shown correctly (and saved over restart).
    After reopening exterimental tab settings state other features not represented correctly (related bug / information source).

    All features (as far as I can tell) represented correctly and persistent on Snapshot 1.15.1111.3 (64bit) Linux (64bit)!
    Failed to reproduce with reinstalled old version (2018-04-26).

    @Gwen-Dragon is there already a bugreport (both versions) for:
    Developer tools are not shown if set to docked mode and related feature is disabled.
    If there is a fallback to detached mode in place already it may check the same (bad) state source as in Windows and Release builds.

  • Bug now has (primary) visible results in Stable (Vivaldi 1.15), since bookmark menu visibility is set via vivaldi://experiments and not in vivaldi://settings/bookmarks.

  • Bug still present in 2.0.1309.37 (Stable channel).

  • Moderator

    @zaibon said in Vivaldi Experiments Features not possible to disable:


    I updated the bugtracker entry for 2.0 Stable and 2.1 Snapshot.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @zaibon This is by design. Hue can be disable in prefs. Experiments enabled by default cannot be disabled and can be considered no longer experiments. Hue should not be there anymore, just @helmers being lazy :)

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