Bookmarks Bar is Unusable

  • as soon as i imported my bookmarks vivaldi would not open one single website from the bookmarks bar nothing but 100% cpu and 100% ram never even got to try vivaldi as soon as i touched the bookmmarks bar with mouse all hell broke loose

  • Moderator

    @jonjon49 Sounds as though you may have imported a corrupted bookmarks database.

    I've never seen nor heard of the kind of symptom you are complaining of, but it's the only thing I can think of that might have done it.

    Can you tell us which version of Vivaldi you tried, what sort of hardware you are working on, what operating system, where you imported the bookmarks from, and whether you installed any extensions?

  • @ayespy hi no extentions as i couldnt get vivaldi to open and sites i exported my opera bookmarks and importem them to vivaldi windows 7 dual core vivaldi stable i dont want to lose all my bookmarks but you may be right about it being corrupted file what do i do to import good bookmarks file

  • @ayespy hey you hit the nail spot on thank you yes you were right luckily i had an earlier bookmarks file on my thumb drive imported it works great what a differnce thank you for all your help still wait on zoom controls for the web panel lol


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