Don't Resize Tabs Immediately After Tab Closure

  • The current behavior of tab resizing is somewhat annoying as I have to keep moving my mouse to close a row of tabs to prevent accidental closure of the tab(s) to the left of the row of tabs that I want closed. Would love to see Chrome's tab resizing behavior added as an option to Vivaldi.

  • @drivas might be a mouse area bug/inconsistency or (strange) design choice.

    The option to have the next close button in the same position only works if

    • tab is closed with left mouse button via click to x area
    • more tabs to the right, so after tab close the next area is under mouse cursor

    Not going to the extreme of expanding the last tab to have a consistent close button location (as MS Edge does it), I would agree to keep tab locations/dimensions fixed until mouse moves away from tab bar for all tab close conditions if option is active.

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    @drivas Try Settings, Tabs, Tab Handling, Align Next Close Button and see if that helps.

  • Should have mentioned guys, I'm closing the tabs by clicking the scroll wheel button, I don't even have close buttons on tabs enabled. In Chrome I can close multiple tabs in a row using the scroll wheel button without having to move the cursor as the tabs don't move/resize until the cursor is moved away from the tab bar.

    Due to Vivaldi's immediate expansion of tabs, the tab to the left of the tab that I just closed is aligned with my cursor, instead of the tabs on the right that I want closed in quick succession.

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    @drivas Try right-click, Close Tabs to the Right.

  • That is an option but only if you want to delete all the tabs to the right of a tab. Not a desirable option if you only want to delete 3/6 tabs to the right of a tab.

  • Just fooled around with closing tabs with close buttons. As becm mentioned the feature works if tabs are closed with left mouse button via click to x area.

    Seems that Vivaldi bugs out when you use the scroll wheel button to close tabs.

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