Frequency of random shut downs increasing

  • I did open a ticket, unsure if we can view status on the open ones. Regardless, seems like the frequency of the random shut downs is increasing. These shut downs happen without warning, the browser just closes and you have to re-start the program. Happy to open another ticket if needed, wasn't sure if the old one was closed.

  • It would be interesting to find out if there is a way of having Vivaldi log everything it does, to see if this problem can be diagnosed. I know there are crash dumps, but I'm not sure if those always get created.

  • Use this syntax in a command prompt to start Vivaldi and it will create a log file.
    vivaldi --enable-logging=stderr 2> media.log

  • Moderator

    And check for crashdumps. How to get a crashdump is described in Reporting crashes on Windows


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