Ctrl+Scrollwheel Zooms Active Tab, Scrollwheel Scrolls Tab under cursor

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    • Tile two tabs
    • Turn the scrollwheel over the inactive tab: the inactive tab scrolls
    • Hold Shift+Scrollwheel over the inactive tab and the inactive tab pans sideways.
    • Hold Ctrl+Scrollwheel over the inactive tab: the active tab zooms

    Is it a bug?

  • @pesala The problem is "over", so the tab is not focused / active.
    I have just tried to reproduce it, it works for me like expected.

    The active tab, where I have clicked before, zooms for me. It does not import / matter where the mouse pointer is.

    No bug for me.

  • Moderator

    @burbuja I think you don't understand the issue. The inactive tab scrolls and pans, but it does not zoom. Of course, the active tab does both.

  • I get the same outcome as @Pesala

    Interesting that everything but zoom works on the mouseover tab, but zoom then works on the active tab even though your mouse is over the inactive one.

    For consistency I would say it is a bug.


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