Pinned tab remains closed when reopening Vivaldi.

  • I read here several posts on this topic, and rather have a long discussion, I uploaded two images to picFront. One shows my tab settings, and the other is my startup settings. . Can someone please tell me if it is possible and which settings to change.

    I only want that my pinned tab remains open, regardless of how many tabs were open at the time of closing. On reopening, whether the home page shows or not, is not important. This is how I am used to work in Firefox.

    I am using Windows 7 ultimate 32bit, and Vivaldi 1.15.1111.3 (Official Build) (32-bit), Revision 653970a68c45187d552abebe5305dc749360f566-

  • @ineuw Pinning Tabs only does two things:

    • It stops you from closing them accidentally
    • It shrinks them to an icon on the left of the tab bar (or at the top if the tab bar is vertical)

    To reload pinned tabs on startup, you have to use Startup with Last Session

    Vote for Setting to Restore Pinned Tabs on Startup

    While you're waiting for that to be implemented, close all but the pinned tabs using right-click Close Other Tabs before existing Vivaldi.

  • @Pesala, voted and thanks again.


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