Issue with one letter shortcuts in address bar

  • (This is the bug report I tried to post.)

    This has been bugging me for a while. The way I access my most used sites is to hit ctrl+l (the address bar) and then a letter ("f" for facebook f.x.) followed by enter. This works fine - except when it doesn't.

    In chrome I occasionally had the problem that the wrong site came up, but only when I had visited a different site with the same starting letter a lot (and visiting the intended site often again reversed the "error" and let me use the one letter "shortcut" again).

    But Vivaldi doesn't work like that - it seems to run on an alphabetical list, perhaps? What happens is that every time I save a new bookmark (no matter in what folder) that starts with an "s", my old trusty autofilled url that I always access by hitting s+enter no longer shows up (and this is a site that I visit multiple times a day, mind you - so it should have saved my preference). The only way to "solve" the problem is to delete the offending bookmark - in other words, I cannot save any sites starting with the letter "s" unless I want to give up easy access to one of my most visited sites.

    It is quite frankly rather annoying.

    (PS. I have saved said site in Speed Dial which seems to have no effect on the sorting of urls.)
    The url in question is:
    I haven't noticed this problem with any other sites (but maybe facebook, gmail etc. is hardcoded to show up first because of their general popularity? I don't know...)

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    @wyrdling Do you have any search engines with single letter nicknames?

  • Nope, I just use google.
    (By the way, I haven't given any links a nickname (which it kinda sounds like you're refering to) - I just type the first letter and then the address bar auto fills the rest of the url.)

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    I have no idea why you would expect this to work consistently. I am sure it's not a bug.

    If I type "s" and press enter, at the moment it will go to
    If I type "f" and press enter, it will search for "f" with DuckDuckGo (my default search engine.

    Personally, I don't rely on the search dropdown unless I want to go to a recently visited page in history, but I would always expect to have to select the page with the mouse or cursor keys.

    Try using speed dial, bookmarks bar, or nicknames for the purpose they were designed.

  • I've noticed that sometimes when I type vf for the vivaldi forum, it doesn't show up 100% of the time - sometimes it searches instead. I am unsure of exactly what allows this to be reproduced.


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