Quick Command: remap keys to navigate hints

  • Is there a way to remap the keys used to navigate between the hints shown in the quick command window? I couldn't find this action in the keyboard shortcuts. Specifically I'd like to use Tab to switch between hints.

    Use case: I have just switched to vivaldi+vimium from FF+vimperator; I am trying to replicate the behaviour (deeply encoded in muscle memory) of the command line, where e.g. ':t twit' brought up a list of recently viewed twitter accounts that I could tab through. I've mapped ':' to bring up quick command, and now I'd much prefer to be able to keep using the tab button - the arrow keys are very small and inconveniently located on my macbook, and require key-chords on my happy hacker keyboard.

    Thanks! I'm enjoying vivaldi so far - really like the tab stacks 🙂

  • No, you will have to write a feature request for this.

  • Ok, thanks! I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something first.


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