Vivaldi in Windows 7

  • Hi all !
    After many years of sanity, I am struggling to set up a dedicated reader system on a laptop so that I can read in Amazon's Kindle reader. Vivaldi installed under Win 7 perfectly and is running as I expected. I am now in the process of configuring this to match my main computer which runs under LinuxMint 17.3.

    I need to install some of my custom logos which means that I must find the "Default" folder. Unfortunately, Windows being Windows, just about everything technical is hidden away on the assumption that Windows users are muppets who cannot be trusted with access to the technical stuff.

    After nearly two days of raging frustration - - - can any kind soul please tell me where Win 7 puts the Vivaldi installation ?

    Many thanks and Best regards to all on the forum --

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    in Explorer you will find your browser profile by opening %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\

  • @hatrack
    If you haven't already

    • press windows key to open start menu
    • search for folder options
    • open the folder options setting tool
    • go to view
    • enable show hidden files, folders and drives


    • open an explorer instance to your home directory (c:\users\your-username)
    • You should see a folder called AppData
    • In that there is a Local Folder
    • In that, there is a Vivaldi folder
    • There is an Application folder and user profiles folders here


    • it may have installed to C:\Program Files\Vivaldi or C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi
    • The user profiles will still be in the %localappdata%\Vivaldi folder

    [modedit] reformatted for more contrast

  • @hatrack said in Vivaldi in Windows 7:

    can any kind soul please tell me where Win 7 puts the Vivaldi installation ?

    Vivaldi itself can tell you - just open menu Help / About
    and look for the folders

    Executable Path (for the installed folder)
    Profile Path (for the profile data)

  • My thanks to you all for your help.

    However, as some may know, I'm visually impaired so, I cannot read any "code" lines because these are presented here as pink text on a white background. To me, that appears as a vague pink blur, even when I use a x3 hand magnifier to look at the screen. I mentioned this problem some weeks ago and I had hoped that it had been changed - - - there must be hundreds of visually impaired users - - - macular degeneration is getting very common.

    However, the tip to look in Help > About has provided the solution. I mentioned this screen too when I first began to write here on this subject - - - the designers have used a light grey for the text on a white background so, again, this is almost invisible to me. Fortunately, I can Copy&Paste the text into a text editor set to large font and white text on a dark blue background. For me, this old-fashioned programmers combination is just about ideal. Black test on a white background too produces glare from the very bright white so reading under this condition very soon gets tiring.

    However, I thank you all for your help and to Gwen - - - perhaps you'd like to pass on my comments to the developers ?

    Many thanks again and best regards to all ---

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    @hatrack I apologize. I forgot about your visual degeneration.
    I reformatted the posts. Netter to read?

    I will contact our web developer to give you more contrast.

    I contacted him and posted in our bug tracker: CW-509 "Forum has not enough contrast for visual impaired persons"

    Our community manager Jane will contact you.

  • That's a good point about the contrast. I never understood why

    block text

    is presented in a nice box, but the inline monospace font is changed colour. I would be perfectly happy with it just being monospace.

  • @gwen-dragon

    Hi Gwen !
    Please don't apologse for not remembering my visual problems. I'm sure moderating + testing doesn't leave a lot of time for other things - - - I read your Bio/Account thingy.

    Thank you for bringing my comments to your colleagues' notice - - - That's fine - - - I'm not asking for special attention. Macular degeneration is an increasing problem as people are living longer and more and more elderly people want to use "computers" (in a general sense of the term). I had a conversation with the consultant some months ago and he good as admitted that the cause is not properly understood. Suddenly and for no obvious reason, the tiny blood vessels behind the retina start to leak. The automated repair mechanism decides that there is a bleeding wound which must be plugged, lest the person bleed to death. So, it makes scar tissue which does indeed plug up the leak but - - - scar tissue is not light-sensitive so, that bit of the retina is lost for ever. Soppy system - - - I'complain if I thought it would do any good.

    I've been fighting this business for six years now. The macular in my left eye is totally destroyed and eighteen months ago a lesion opened up right in the centre of the macular of my right eye. Just about at Christmas 2016, I had the injection and that worked like magic. I went back for review and treatment at the end Jan. '17 and the results were perfect. The standard treatment is two injections so, I had the second shot. For no reason known to man nor beast, this undid all the good results and made thingns much worse. 2017 was a battle to fix things but about six weeks ago, I was told that they have lost control and the damage is now permanent. However, we are still fighting and the hospital has organised some telescopic glasses and I go tomorrow to see what this is all about.

    A really nasty aspect so far is that I can't now read a printed book - - - the image of the letters is smaller than the lesion. I live completely alone so reading is a very important mental stimulation for me - - - hence my setting up a reading system on a laptop. I've just about finished the configuration tonight so I really am grateful to all who answered my plee for help.

    I've written this screed as an explanation to you but, I also hope others with visual problems read this and start thinking about how they can improve things.

    Best regards to you all --

  • @gwen-dragon
    Hi Gwen!
    Further to yesterday's traffic, I owe you another apology. In this particular post you wrote that -"I have changed it" and "netter to read".

    I guessed that you had changed the presentation of code fragments but it took until 0300 hrs this morning to realise that the letter "N" is next to the letter "B" on a keyboard so - - - ""netter to read" was now decoded.

    I am beginning to think that my old brain is so atrophied that it needs a shot of something - - - 9 mm behind the left ear show serve.

    Seriously now, I've looked at some new posts containing code fragments and the simple contrast scheme you have created dramatically improves readability. Thank you so much. The point here is that your new scheme is perfectly acceptable to those with good eye sight and ideal for those needing help. The original design idea of "gilding the lily" by changing text colour to pink was actually deleterious.

    A tip which may be useful to others with failing sight is to use the extension NoSquint Plus 61.0. It is available from the Chrome Web Store. This allows a lot of modification of web pages on a site-by-site basis and changes can be saved so that once set, they become a permanent feature. I have my background set to the colour #fffbaf, which is a light straw colour. This dramatically reduces the glare from blank white pages. Zoom can also be adjusted so you can see this is a real help to those with vision problems.

    Once again, many thanks and Best regards --


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