Web page rendering issues

  • I am using Vivaldi as a side-browser evaluating it besides my standard choices (Firefox, Chrome). One issue i come across often is rendering issues on web pages (more often on web based management interfaces of various systems) that I would not expect given the use of Chromium/Blink engine combination. I was a long time Opera user and abandoned it because of site rendering issues (and never made the transition to the new Chromium based Operas as I don;t like the interface). Vivaldi shows promise and I would hate to see Vivaldi fail on account of rendering issues. One notable example of a wed i/f i have issues with is a Freenas 8.0.x install (from 2011). Before people say that is an old install etc, I have to say that it does not matter. I expect the browser to work and if other contemporary browsers work (like Chrome and Safari) then any other browser hoping to gain traction should work as well.


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