Vivaldi migration from FireFox

  • I'm just trying Vivaldi this morning for the first time.
    I was trying to change (increase) font size for FireFox menus and found that a previously working extension/addon quit working with the newer version.
    With Vivaldi, I'm pleased to find the search box and that search engines can easily be added.
    I haven't yet found where to increase font size for menus.
    I haven't yet learned to do anything with RSS feeds. In FireFox, I have RSS feeds in my "bookmark toolbar" and I am used to using it that way and comfortable with the method. I see this is referred to as "live bookmarks".
    Suggestions solicited for those two items. Is something like "live bookmarks" available in Vivaldi.

  • @mckemie For RSS you can use this:

    In Vivaldi you can increase the UI zoom from vivaldi://settings/appearance/, if you only want to increase the font-size, you have to do a custom modification.


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