How to check "thanks"?

  • I've been "thanks"ed a few times, apparently, but I have no idea by whom and for what. I've looked for a way to trace when I got thanked but I couldn't find anything. The only option (which I'm not going to take) seems to be to go through every post noted in my activity log (under the settings menu at the top of the page) - and even then I don't know if I'll see anything marked next to the post in question. Did I miss something? Is there a link to show all the "thanks" data somewhere?

  • AFAIK, there isn't a way right now.

    Maybe not exactly the same question, but did you notice this topic?

  • Errr… "thanks" :lol:

    I did do a search but that one didn't come up for some reason - I might have looked for "thanks" instead of "thank".

    One "thank you" for you then... ;)

  • You're welcome ;)

    On the flip side, I did recently wonder if I remembered to thank someone I meant to thank, but I couldn't recall the thread title or username. I started to check my Profile to review my recent posts, but it lists complete posts, 10 per page, making it cumbersome to go very far back in my history.

    Then I discovered my Activity Log which gives a simple one-sentence description of each action and is set up an an endlessly scrolling page, so it was easy to keep scrolling down to find what I was looking for. It doesn't tell me anything about which post of mine was thanked, or by whom, but it at least provides a (not very efficient) way to find out who I have thanked and for which post.

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