Speed Dial Thumbnails Disappear

  • hi all, any idea how to stop my speed dials from losing their facing pages. Every time i open the browser the speed dials are nearly all blank apart from the 1s that came with the browser.

  • Moderator

    @superbius69 Do you use any sort of cleaner like Ccleaner?

  • I also have problems with auto refreshed thumbs... (reported).
    I am generating thumbnail... and it's being refreshed after clicking Speed Dial item. The result is for example a screenshot of login form. :/

    I totally gave up with generating thumbnails because it's pointless work...

    Same thing happens after adding base64 thumb directly into bookmarks json.

  • Hi Ayespy, in answer, yes i do use CC cleaner, do u think that is the problem????

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    @superbius69 It easily could be. I may be cleaning the Top Sites file, and thus getting rid of your thumbnails every time you shut down.

  • Many tks Ayespy, i will adjust cc cleaner accordingly and see if it makes any difference by unticking some of the boxes in it and seeing what happens.
    Huge tks for your reply.

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