Switch to opened tab from address bar

  • Hi,
    There is a feature on Firefox that I miss a lot: switching to opened tab from the address bar. I believe there are some people like me: always try to open a new tab when need to visit a new page instead of check if I have already a tab of that page opened before. So a duplication check for the new tab will be very helpful to limit the number of tabs and system resources.

    So I would like to request Vivaldi to adapt this feature.

    I didn't find similar request by a simple search... I would be sorry & glad if it's already requested.


  • @zhangdl Yes, it's already in the Feature Requests thread. Highlight Duplicate Tabs with Blinking

    Please copy this link https://forum.vivaldi.net/search?in=titles&categories%5B%5D=113&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts&term=%S and add it as a custom search engine.

  • @pesala Thanks for the pointer. F2 quick commands indeed provides a good workaround.... I find I used it too less recently 🙂


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