We should have nightly builds

  • Instead of every few days and weeks we should nightly builds of developer versions. More frequent, even Windows 10 have a fast ring now.

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    @saudiqbal We do have nightly builds. But not everyone is privileged to suffer through them. If you were receiving the current round of nightlies ("sopranos" builds) I guaranteed you would a) hate it and b) be harassing the developers mercilessly. Believe me - it's better the way it is.

  • I think the team is too small to handle users complaining about this or that, I particularly prefer that only internal testers have the nightly versions, so they can help more than many users with a lot of bugs, so it's less work and therefore more concentration to correct bugs in the beta.
    I do not know if my point was clear, I'd rather not have a nightly version released for everyone, this would mess up more than help. 🙂

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    We have daily builds tested by the Soprano team.

    I think is not useful to give them to the public.
    Why? New features would be disclosed.
    And too many users, not knowing dailys have more issues than a Snapshot or Stable, would give us a bug tracker tsunami if something breaks their stable system and browser.

    If someone wants to get into the Soprano team for helping us in internal tests for daily versions, contact @OlgaA or @jane-n by chat.

  • @saudiqbal said in We should have nightly builds:

    Instead of every few days and weeks we should nightly builds of developer versions. More frequent, even Windows 10 have a fast ring now.

    If Vivaldi had a large staff like Mozilla or Microsoft, that might be feasible (though the wisdom of doing it would necessarily still depend on how well such a thing would mesh with internal development work flow). Opening up "early-stage" or "nightly" testing to a wide mass of users with random system configurations, settings, usage habits, expectations, and reporting skills adds an overwhelming amount of 'noise' and clutter to feedback. Just a brief perusal of problem reports in these regular forums provides a good indication of the lack of preciseness and general confusion within many of the reports that would result. That would require extra assigned staff to parse and de-clutter the reports for the frequent early-stage versions, forwarding only relevant ones for action, and responding to all the questions and follow-ups that would be inevitable with the reporters.

    As it is, the release channels are staged with corresponding reporting levels. The in-house releases with "raw" changes (and problems) are reviewed by a limited number of users (sopranos, etc) with a modicum of usage credentials and reporting skills; the development-version releases with more refined changes are made available to whomever, but with limited "advertising" and the reporting supposedly occurring within and relevant to the respective release blogs; the stable releases are openly/widely advertised with general reporting in these forum threads. It all works for Vivaldi at present, and they have to be the ones to define what meshes with their staffing levels and work flow. When it ceases working for them, I'm sure they'll let us know.


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