vivaldi 64bit binaries download?

  • Can someone please point me to the URL for vivaldi tar.gz file download? All I could find are the .deb files, which is not what I want.

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    @ineuw There's .deb and .rpm on this page but I'm unsure where the tarballs are available. Let me see...

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  • Thanks Ayespi. There is no binary, only the .deb file. The text file link contains the PGP key. I am sure that I am doing something wrong.

  • What actual format did you need? Something like *.tgz or what?

  • I am looking for the tar.gz tarball file which is an expandable, ready to use file to be installed in a folder of my choice (/opt), as opposed to a .deb file which installs itself and distributes the components according to standard practice. I did this with Firefox, Blue Moon and Vivaldi 32bit but I don't remember where I downloaded from, and now spending hours looking for it. I have the 32bit tarball, but prefer not to install a 32bit software in a 64bit OS.

  • @ineuw actually the .deb file contains exactly what you want. Use
    ar x <vivaldi-filename>.deb data.tar.xz
    to extract the required archive from the Debian package.

    The _gpgbuilder in the .deb file consists of signed metadata which can be used to verify checksums of the (other) files in the archive:

    • Verify signed file against vivaldi packager key (6D3789EDC3401E12 or 8D04CE49EFB20B23)
    • Check hash match for sha1sum data.tar.xz

  • Thanks for the info will try it. It seems simple enough.

  • @becm, you are a prince and many thanks for your help. I converted, installed and configured Vivaldi as I wanted. In addition, I gained valuable insight how .deb files are organized internally and what tarballs do. The 'ar' command didn't work, because something was missing, but the archive manager created the tar.xz and extracted the contents for manual installation. Thanks again.

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