Jump to left-most open tab or last open tab

  • Is it possible to jump to left most tab or to last open tab. I can do this with the right most tab by using the Open New Tab + button and going back 1 tab. It would be a very useful addition to the browser as I have many tabs open at any one time and it is very frustrating to have to locate the last open tab approximately and then select a few more to get back, or to hover over each tab to see the tab preview..

  • Moderator

    @kw7157 In Settings (Alt+P) select the Keyboard Tab, and the Tabs section. There is a whole bunch of commands to which you can assign a shortcut. I only open a few tabs, so I do not need shortcuts.

    0_1520797629209_Tab Shortcuts.png

  • @pesala

    Many thanks for the info. It works really well.


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