Video not playing

  • @becm
    Thanks for the explanation... I don't have as deep an understanding as you.
    I see what you're saying in the script @ /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi which /usr/bin/vivaldi-stable links to.

  • @becm @CantankRus : I tried commenting out all the other checks and retained only /home/mahesh/.local/lib/vivaldi/ in the script and this worked. I tried LD_PRELOAD with the chrome libffmpeg and it didn't work. Seems strange though that it works in chrome just fine. I thikn it has either something to do with 32bit-64 bit issue as @becm suggested, or some chrome version issue (upstream chrome can handle that particular version of libffmpeg correctly etc.). Anyway, for the moment, this issue at least can be solved as far as I a mconcerned. But maybe, in the next vivaldi version, vivaldi's own libffmpeg could be checked first?

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    @vkmaheshbhat Please report your issue so our Linux dev can investitage and add a fix for next versions!
    Please read How to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

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    Our Linux dev has been working on a fix to always use the correct libffmpeg version for Vivaldi.
    I hope next Snapshot will give you a chance to test this.


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