Password changes, Mobile Layout

  • Last night and a few nights back I couldn't log on via my iPad, and had to reset my password. I received no emails indicating my password had been changed and didn't change it myself so I'm wondering what it could be that's going on. Can you look at logs and tell if anything strange occurring?

    Also, the mobile layout (iPad) for my blog is odd, It has the sidebar after the content going straight down to the bottom as opposed to being at the side of the posts. Maybe it should be a feature request, or maybe it's just the way that theme is?

    Just wondering 🙂

  • The registration process can be simplified even further, by offering a faster alternative – external accounts. By providing users with the option of registering through social media accounts, like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, registration can be turned into a two-click process. Tread lightly, though. There is a reason this is called an ‘alternative’. Some people actually would prefer not to link their social media accounts with different mobile services. The most common reason is that they fear the app would post on these social media accounts without their permission. Make sure to communicate posting capabilities clearly, and ask for permission before posting anything.


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