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  • Can anyone help me please? I came to this browser from Chrome because YouTube videos weren't playing properly (stuttering, out of sync etc) and I knew that all the Chrome extensions were compatible. I really liked it because it was light and fast and was really happy until about 3 days ago, when audio stopped working in YouTube. I tried Netflix, DailyMotion and Prime Video and the audio works fine in those other platforms, but zilch with YouTube.

    Any suggestions or fixes anyone? Thanks!

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    @smae64 Had a similar problem, and then realized I was playing video in a tab that I had muted. I don't suppose you might have done the same?

  • @ayespy Hiya, thanks for replying - no it has nothing to do with the little speaker icon lol.....that's the first thing I checked 😃

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    Did you try to reset site settings to default ones?
    Did you try to play any video in Incognito mode?

  • @muratservan Hiya, thanks for replying - sound works perfectly in Incognito mode so I'm guessing that one (or more) of my extensions is to blame? That's weird though as I haven't installed any new ones for some time, they were all compatible with YouTube before this glitch occurred.

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    @smae64 Why not?
    1st of all click on lock icon in the address bar and reset YouTube web site settings to defaults. Check if its working or not.
    If its not working disable your extensions one by one and find the guilty.

  • @muratservan I've reset the settings to defaults and there's still no sound. When I have time, I will disable my extensions one-by-one to find out which one has become incompatible. Until then, at least I can use an Incognito window.

    Thanks for helping me! 🙂

  • Some time ago I found that my Vivaldi installation had problems with some particular audio codecs.
    Try to display video properties (stats / etc).
    Check videos with similar / other audio codecs.

    I experienced this only with some videos (minority)


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