Suddenly Vivaldi thinks I'm French

  • The email to tell me that viva had responded to my post on the "RSS app" thread began "Une nouvelle réponse a été faite sur le Forum" which is curious. The previous email I had of this type was in English. Are you perhaps mailings all the topic subscribers in one hit in the language of the first subscriber?

  • No they aren't, they are mailing in the language of the person who made the post they notified you about - I wrote previously about a notification I received in German.

  • I wondered that. Except that the reply was in English. I presume viva was their language set to French.

  • Excuse my intruding! :dry: and notifications come to the language of the one who "sents" them. Just noticed it too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • If a user has selected the French localization of the system, then the notifications for their post will be in French (regardless of the language they posted in). And in my case, the link to their post actually had the locale as part of the URL …

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