Details about creating new speeddial icons

  • More details are needed for some of us to actually create new icons well. Yes, I can create one and I can find an icon, of sorts. But:

    1. Where is the Vivaldi icon? I can't find it. I had hoped to hijack the one that came installed and use a new title/url to Forum.
    2. Some have titles and some have URLs. I'm sure both are possible. But I can't find out how.
    3., to me, is just a piece of a URL. How do I get from to that?
      Hopefully, I've just totally missed the already existing answers and you and just send me a link.

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    @albert-wagner It's in C:\Users(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\1.15.1119.5\resources\vivaldi\resources.

  • Sorry Ayespy, I should have noted that I am on Linux.
    The only resources I am aware of are:

    /opt/vivaldi/resources contains: product_logo_16 thru product_logo_256

    /opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/resources contains: 7 png, none of which fit.

    I was hoping for the one used at startup in speeddial. But the only ones I can find are fuzzy, too small or too big.

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    @albert-wagner Ah. This is not an "all platforms" question, then, but a Linux one. I'll move it.
    What you are looking for is not an icon, but a thumbnail. There is a folder where all of the thumbnails for the pre-loaded Speed Dial live, so let me see if I can find that.

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    @albert-wagner Not so familiar with the Linux file structure, but in the actual application folder itself there should be a folder called "Resources," and in that is a folder called "Vivaldi" and in that a folder "resources," that contains all of the images used in the Speed Dial page that the browser comes with as a default. Let me fire up my Mint box and see if I can find it there.

    Okay - for you it should be a Opt/Vivaldi/Resources/Vivaldi/Resources.

    Edit: Opt/Vivaldi has a number of logo images as well.

  • Do you know which one was used in the Vivaldi Browser Speed Dial? All of the "thumbnails" I found in /opt were either too small, too large or too fuzzy.
    I'm sorry I posted item 2. It shows how new to vivaldi I am.
    Item 3 is something that is probably not a vivaldi question. I will persue that someplace else.
    Thank you for your replies.

    BTW, in discovering the answer to item 2, I learned how to copy/paste the whole Vivaldi Speed Dial thumbnail and modifiy it's contents. Thereby, hijacking its thumbnail image, regardless of where it might have been in resources.

    FWIW, its all moot now. I prefer the bar to the speed dial.

  • @albert-wagner
    The default vivaldi speed dial icon is '/opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/resources/sd_vivaldi.png'


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