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  • Hello! I just decided to use my Vivaldi.net Webmail in attempt to unify my accounts login/contact E-mail Address, some of those accounts are very important to me like verified profiles and pages I'm just wondering how reliable is the free Webmail in terms of staying active for a very long time, I mean I know Gmail will outlive today's generation but Vivaldi is a project what if this project is dropped do I have to transition all my accounts all over again? Is the Webmail project a priority and won't be discounted someday? By moving to Vivaldi.net i'm committing to this domain and giving it my full trust and support, I'm just curious about the lifespan of free webmail accounts especially with Vivaldi gaining ground.

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    @nickparkermusic It's liable to remain available forever. Vivaldi as a community was present prior to the existence of the browser, and should the browser project collapse for unforeseen reasons, there is no reason to expect the community and its services like email to go away. Webmail has always been and is expected to always be, a part of the Vivaldi experience. Our founder, Jon S Von Tetzchner, was co-founder of Opera and its community, and that has continued for 23 years so far, even after he left it. As he says he will not be inviting investors to take part in Vivaldi and eventually torpedo its community they way they did Opera, there is no near-term influence (that is to say within the next ten to twenty years) that is likely to derail Vivaldi or its community/webmail.

  • Thank you very much @ayespy for your continues support around here. That's a good enough answer. Thanks!

  • I have one last question, hope you don't mind, I was praising you on Vivaldi's Twitter 2 days ago lol.

    Is the security top of the line? I can't see Two-Factor-Authentication and I would've loved to attach my Webmail log-in to my Google Authenticator. Maybe I'm asking for too much or not grasping the limitation or use of a free Webmail.

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    @nickparkermusic You've got me there. I'll have to do some research.

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  • What are you trying to accomplish Michael?

  • I have another question about the mail accounts here.
    I just joined here and love it ........reminds me of Opera years ago when it was at its best

    My question is..... I need two mail accounts how do I go about making an additional one
    I do this for 2 reasons:

    1. prefer my user name on one mail account for casual giving out address for contact
    2. I am in the process of changing my name back to my maiden name so want an account more professional with my maiden name used

    Can this be done?

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    @katlandkat To have two email accounts, you must have two profiles.


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