Outlook.com web panel stuck in infinite refresh loop (or something)

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    I have outlook.com as a web panel, and it works perfectly fine if I start Vivaldi and open the panel. However, if I press the refresh or home button in the web panel it attempts to refresh the page, but gets stuck in some kind of infinite loop. The Elements-panel in dev tools just flashes as the content is reloaded over and over, and the console displays this (also flashing, as it tries to run the scripts over and over again):


    If I open Outlook in a normal tab it will either cause the web panel to suddenly load properly, or cause it to give me a dead bird.

    I haven't reported this as a bug yet. Wanted to post it here first to see if anyone had any idea to what could be happening.

  • @komposten It loads fine well enough for me. A Caveat:

    • I have outlook beta mode turned on

    In a web panel, this loads without issues, and refreshing toggles between mobile and desktop views (How that's working I have no clue...)

    From your screenshot, the first one is an error. Which extension do you have installed matching the ID cfh...ddb? (Go to chrome://extensions and turn on deveveloper mode to check that.

    The second one looks like it has a problem with the session. Try clearing all your *.live.com and for good measure any other cookies that might be related to Microsoft services. You can do that and keep your other cookies safe by going to Settings > Privacy > Cookies > Display saved cookies > filter by domain live.com > Delete filtered cookies

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    I'm also using the outlook beta mode.

    1. The extension is Adblock Plus. If I disable it the error message disappears from the console.
    2. I've tried clearing all cookies and the browser cache. Still the same problem.

    Did a full profile reset and the problem disappeared. Will dive deeper into the actual cause later (by e.g. restoring extensions one by one, etc.).

  • @komposten I use uBlock origin and that hasn't caused any problems. But I'm not even sure if extensions can run in web panels.


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