Vivaldi Rocker Search (search on page with rocker mouse gesture extension)

  • Vivaldi Rocker Search - is the extension for searching multiple texts on page using rocker mouse gesture and input field.
    Vivaldi Rocker Search
    Download and drop to extension manager.

    2 layers search system:

    1. fast mode: select text, and before unclick - fast click with RMB. Text will be marked with orange color. This mode works only temporarily (current page). Clear results: fast click both mouse. This mode don't have input field.
    2. secure mode: select text, and before unclick - long press with RMB, or add text with context menu. Text will be marked with purple color. This mode works long-term and supports ajax-modified pages/frames (youtube etc). Disable/enable: long press both mouse. Also, icon on toolbar shows status of this mode, and gives access to popup with on/off button and search input field (each line - different search term) - CTRL+Backspace=delete last word.

    Close to scrollbars on pages you will see a map of distribution of search results, both for fast and secure modes with appropriate colors.

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