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  • Hi there. So I'm testing Vivaldi as a potential replacement for Opera finally after Sync introduction. Actually Opera couldn't come out with a autohiding UI during FullScreen mode even when asked by the users. Their logic was - it's Fullscreen so why u ask for UI? They've somehow missed the "smartphone" feel and touch support by doing this. I was very happy to read that starting from version 1.15.1111.3 Vivaldi will have an option to "toggle the appearance of all hidden UI elements while in fullscreen. A nice addition." - so I've tried two things:

    • Ctrl+F11 - just the top-bar is visible
    • F11 - actual Fullscreen mode - nothing is visible

    I was unable to toggle the appearance of all hidden UI.... I've tried everything. Scrolling, clicking and nothing appears. I know I can go for F4 (unhide sidebar) and F8 (focus address bar) - but I guess it's not what this should be. I was reading comments under the news thread but nobody seems to know how to get the FULL UI under F11 fullscreen. Oh maybe one comment like "very nice" but no details - rather questions how to get this... 🙂

    Can someone please put more light on this? I may have missed some option in settings or whatever - but cannot find this. Thx.

  • @empi Just try existing shortcuts which already relate to UI elements. 😉

    For example, you can try (if you haven't changed the default shortcuts):

    • <F4> to toggle the panel
    • <F8> or <CTRL>+<L> to toggle the address bar
    • <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+B to display the bookmark bar
    • etc...

    All these shortcuts used to work only in usual window mode, they now also work in fullscreen (ie <F11> mode)

  • @guilimote OK I get it now. Well it's not what I've expected as this really include touching keyboard. I guess the best option would be to have a UI appearing when scrolling the page or pointing the mouse on the top border of the window or bottom border.

    Probably this has to be raised as an official request for future development.
    This "smartphone/touch" feel needs to be available anyway if the Team want to take Vivaldi to smartphones one day.


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