Updates Not Specified

    I apologize for confusing snapshot and stable. (refer to locked post, Regularly crashes, no warning, no error.)
    In my defense, when I checked for updates via the updater within Vivaldi, it did not specify snapshot or stable. Next time I know.
    But the issue remains the same - random crashes.

  • Update: I reverted back to stable version.

  • Info about hardware? (especially CPU,GPU,RAM)
    Crash on which sites?
    Which extensions? (Try to disable them)
    AV software? (some could have issue in vivaldi)
    OS version?

    I hope you changed the install path without installing the stable/snapshot over the "old" one.
    Using same path for different channels could lead to strange issues.

  • I uninstalled 1.15 and installed 1.14

    Since I installed 1.14, I'll wait and see.


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