Vivaldi does not work well with hidden taskbar

  • Hi, I really love Vivaldi and use it since the first public build but there is a problem: My hidden taskbar won't appear if I move the mouse to the bottom of my screen. This works well with every other executable but not with Vivaldi. The same problem was with Opera 15+. They didn't fix it for a very long time and I can't say if it is fixed now because I don't use it anymore... They said somewhat that this is a "chromium problem". Please fix this. I know that you can do that.

  • This issue was covered also in another topic here (but your thread is much more polite than the other :)). In that thread, OP's problem appears to have been specific to the Win 10 OS - which OS are you using?

  • I use Win 10. I hope that MS will fix this one in future builds…
    But I also tested it on Win 8 and there was also the problem. But today I can't reproduce it. Seems gone on WIn 8.
    Thank you for the fast help.

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    I already posted a solution over here. 😉

  • Thank you. Works great.


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