Vivaldi stopped Starting up at my homepage

  • I'm still logged in after closing and restarting Vivaldi! How? I have cookies session only. [EDIT - resolved - I somehow had two instances of Vivaldi opened.]

    Anyway, my real problem is that whereas Vivaldi has been correctly starting up with my homepage for months. It is now suddenly starting at the Start page and I can't stop it. I still have home page set in the Startup settings and my homepage still works if I click the home icon.

    I have not updated recently. The only relevant change I could think of was I just this morning set new tab to start at home page. So I changed it back but it made no difference to the startup problem.

    [EDIT - Seems to have resolved itself so I can only guess maybe my having two instances of Vivaldi open caused it? But surely, it should still startup at my homepage?]


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