[Resolved] Bing is permanently fixed as the default and cannot be removed

  • In my currently installed version: Vivaldi 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision 46ff8f974f033190bbae67a70c7809ee15bc2353-
    OS Windows 7

    In this installation, Bing became the default search engine. Unchecking the "default" box, or changing the url etc. always returns to the built in Bing setting.

    If this cannot be remedied, it's hasta la vista baby, Firefox, here I come.

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    @ineuw Go to Menu/search and look at any other search engine, clicking on the checkmark after it to make it your new default, then delete Bing or leave it alone, whatever you wish.

    The one you put the checkmark by, will be your new default.

  • It was true in earlier versions but this is no longer true. The first version I installed was easy to make the change as you described above. When a new update was installed, it remained so as well.

    Version 1.14.1077.55 was downloaded this evening and is a completely clean install with new empty profile. In this version I can uncheck Bing and check another as the default but it simply resets itself to Bing. It is definitely hardcoded. I can move it down to any other position,but it makes no difference. Tried changing Bing's search parameters they revert as well because they are hard coded as well.

    My suspicion is that there was a major financial incentive given to Vivaldi by Microsoft to hardcode Bing into Vivaldi.

    Them are the breaks.

    Versions I used:

    2018-02-14 12:25 AM 48,114,248 Vivaldi.1.14.1077.45.exe <-- first version OK
    2018-03-08 09:19 PM 48,121,416 Vivaldi.1.14.1077.55.exe <-- update was also OK.
    2018-03-07 07:33 PM 48,204,872 Vivaldi.1.15.1111.3.exe <--New install, Bing is hard coded.

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    @ineuw It's not true here. What sort of system are you on?

  • I am on Windows 7 32bit Ultimate, but the question is which version of Vivaldi are you using?

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    @ineuw I am using 1.14.1077.55; 1.15.1111.3; and 1.15.1118.1 (internal test version). In each of them, search engine default selection works exactly the same. Open settings/search, highlight the one that I want to be default, check it, close settings. My new default is set.

  • @ineuw As Ayespy said. No more Bing here, just DuckDuckGo as my default. I can set any Search Engine as the default like this:

    0_1520571390063_Set as Default.png

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    Well, I take that back. I guess you do have to click "save." That doesn't give any visual feedback, but it does save the setting. That didn't use to be necessary.

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    @ineuw You should be aware that a new feature as of 1.15 is that while the omni-bar always searches by your default unless you select a different nickname, the search bar always searches using the most recent search engine you used. So if Bing was most recent, it will keep using that until you select a different one.

  • Ayespy, do you have some ketchup and mustard? Because it's the only way I like to eat my posts about Bing. I also missed the [Save] button. Now, that's fixed, I must get some rest before I start another stupid post, and thanks for your kind help and sticking with me.
    Good night y'all.

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    @ineuw Hey - no prob. It's what we're here for!


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