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    To show the current Vivaldi and Chrome version in the Status Bar enable biscuit mode. Press WinKey+Period, type dog, and enter the dog-face emoji into the Setting dialogue search field: 🐶

    0_1559377431315_Biscuit  Area.png

    0_1559377437963_Version Numbers.png

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    Thanks to MaxKarlErnst who helped me to create this CSS to remove the unwanted image placeholders.

    .selectbox[title="Human"], .selectbox[title="Hot Pink"], .selectbox[title="Subtle"], .selectbox[title="Dark"], .selectbox[title="Blueprint"], .selectbox[title="Beach"], .selectbox[title="Light"], .selectbox[title="Starry Night"], .selectbox[title="Pink Cloud"], .selectbox[title="Jellyfish"], .selectbox[title="Purple Lake"], .selectbox[title="Wave"], .selectbox[title="Desktop Wallpaper"]{
        visibility: collapse;
        width: 0;
        margin: 0;

    My Settings, Start Page tab now looks like this:

    alt text

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    Show Picture-in-Picture on TwitchTV

    1. Create a bookmark for bookmarks bar
    2. Use as URL
      javascript:document.querySelector('div.player-video video').requestPictureInPicture();void(0);
    3. If you are on and need PiP, click the bookmark and video will be shown in PiP popup

    Kudos to @Guilimote (
    and Smaxx {original author}(

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    I discovered that I can also hide the Background Colours using the same type of code.

    0_1562531095033_Custom Backgrounds and Images Only.png

    /*Hide Start Page Background Colours and Images*/
    .selectbox[title="Default"],  .selectbox[title="Blue"],  .selectbox[title="Pro"], .selectbox[title="Vivaldi"],  .selectbox[title="Sunset"],  .selectbox[title="Human"], .selectbox[title="Hot Pink"], .selectbox[title="Subtle"], .selectbox[title="Dark"], .selectbox[title="Blueprint"], .selectbox[title="Beach"], .selectbox[title="Light"], .selectbox[title="Starry Night"], .selectbox[title="Pink Cloud"], .selectbox[title="Jellyfish"], .selectbox[title="Purple Lake"], .selectbox[title="Wave"], .selectbox[title="Desktop Wallpaper"]{
        visibility: collapse;
        width: 0;
        margin: 0;

    To apply CSS modifications automatically with each update, go to vivaldi://experiments to enable "Allow for CSS Modification." Then this option will appear in Settings, Appearance, where you can choose the folder where your custom.css files are stored.

    alt text

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    Since newer 2.9 Vivaldi you need to start by command line (please close Vivaldi processes before) to enable password import feature:

    • Windows:
      Method 1:
      Hit Win+R
      Type cmd.exe
      Hit Return key
      Copy next line
      %COMSPEC% /C start vivaldi --enable-features=PasswordImport
      Paste into command line window
      Hit Return key
      Method 2:
      Create a new shortcut for Vivaldi and open its properties.
      Add --enable-features=PasswordImport at the end of the "Target" field, followed by a space, like eg.
      "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" --enable-features=PasswordImport
      Run Vivaldi using that shortcut.

    • Linux
      Start Terminal/Shell
      Copy next line
      vivaldi --enable-features=PasswordImport
      Paste into shell window
      Hit Return key

    • MacOS
      Open MacOS Application Terminal
      Copy next line
      open -a /Applications/ --args --enable-features=PasswordImport
      Paste into Terminal
      Hit Return key

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    Former Opera users may be nostalgic about the Smilies we had on the former Opera forums. I have listed the best ones below. To use them, post some code like this:

    Text Image Meaning
    Alien 0_1539692480328_alien.gif Not from around here
    Angel 0_1539692491828_angel.gif Completely innocent
    Awww 0_1539692534933_awww.gif Shucks! I am disappointed
    Banana 0_1539692628690_banana.gif Give the monkey a banana
    Beer 0_1539692707473_beer.gif Have a beer on me!
    Big Eyes 0_1539692681756_bigeyes.gif Shock! Really!?
    Big Smile 0_1539687019212_bigsmile.gif Very happy. Grinning.
    Blush 0_1539687050034_blush.gif Embarrassed. My mistake.
    Bomb 0_1539692947113_bomb.gif I am about to explode. Furious!
    Bug 0_1539685602167_bug.gif This looks like a bug
    Bye 0_1539692996786_bye.gif Goodbye.
    Cat 0_1539693026984_cat.gif The cat must have walked over my keyboard
    Chef 0_1539692891841_chef.gif Borked! Swedish Chef. Completely broken
    Cheers 0_1539698179267_cheers.gif Thank you
    Coffee 0_1539685549044_coffee.gif Coffee time
    Confused 0_1539685264170_confused.gif I don't understand
    Cool 0_1539693135965_cool.gif OK! That's cool, thanks.
    Detective 0_1539693177426_detective.gif Sherlock Holmes. I/you figured it out
    Devil 0_1539693230590_devil.gif Just teasing/trolling
    Doh 0_1539685504389_doh.gif Doh!
    Drunk 0_1539693280824_drunk.gif I am drunk. Are you drunk?
    Eek 0_1539693321651_eek.gif I am alarmed. OMG
    Faint 0_1539693388183_faint.gif I am amazed! At last!
    Flirt 0_1539685659927_flirt.gif I love you
    Frown 0_1539685207338_frown.gif I am unhappy
    Furious 0_1539685717443_furious.gif I am furious
    Haha 0_1539685423864_haha.gif Laughing out loud
    Headbang 0_1539686919584_headbang.gif I am frustrated
    Idea 0_1539686814347_idea.gif I have an idea! Suggestion
    Irked 0_1539698252971_irked.gif Irked! Annoyed
    Jester 0_1539685751116_jester.gif Just joking
    Left 0_1539698333923_left.gif Looking Left
    Mad 0_1539698405927_mad.gif Mad
    No 0_1539686720560_no.gif No! I strongly disagree!
    Party 0_1539698650253_party.gif Let's have a party!
    Pingu 0_1539685808961_pingu.gif Linux Issue
    Right 0_1539698357616_right.gif Looking Right
    RIP 0_1539693573082_rip.gif Rest in peace! It is dead/deprecated/obsolete
    Roll Eyes 0_1539693610499_rolleyes.gif Sarcasm. Really!
    Smile 0_1539685037205_smile.gif I am happy
    Spock 0_1539685850620_spock.gif May the force be with you
    Thumbs Down 0_1539693741611_thumbsdown.gif Bad idea. I disagree
    Thumbs Up 0_1539693758860_thumbsup.gif Good IdeaI agree
    Troll 0_1539685892533_troll.gif Don't feed the troll
    Waiting 0_1539685918581_waiting.gif I am waiting for some feedback
    Weeping 0_1539685952391_weeping.gif I am so upset
    Whistle 0_1539698508314_whistle.gif Whistling
    Wink 0_1539698491606_wink.gif Winking.
    Wizard 0_1539685978729_wizard.gif You're a genius
    Worried 0_1539698549600_worried.gif Worried
    Yes 0_1539686026984_yes.gif Yes please! I agree.
    Zipped 0_1539685365616_zipped.gif I am saying nothing
    Zzz 0_1539685299447_zzz.gif I am tired

    There are a few more, but that's most of those worth having

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    1. Right-click
    2. Copy link address
    3. Click insert picture icon on toolbar
    4. Paste link address

    alt text

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  • @Pesala There’s also the VFM emoji picker wink
    Vivaldi Forum Mod emoji picker

  • Moderator

    @potmeklecbohdan I liked the tip and smileys will be always be present in all of my reply. @Pesala Where are the links?

  • @lamarca See his post right below the list wink

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    @potmeklecbohdan the thread seems to be broken. pesala asked me to move one post and I did.
    Do you believe lamarca would move one post to a broken thread?
    Who cares. You and me. We can add @kahukura which know a lot of stuff and our good Lilo (Aka @Gwen-Dragon)

  • @gdveggie
    I got into the Vivaldi URLs by using chrome://about/. The content can be reached with chrome://settings/content. As for the personal data, I got that with chrome://settings/siteData. The experimental settings can be accessed with either chrome://flags/ or vivaldi://flags/. I was also able to get into the older bookmarks interface with about:bookmarks. In fact, "about:" followed by any of those interface items usually works.

  • @Pesala said in Tips & Tricks:

    Backup your bookmarks from:

    \Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Bookmarks

    I can backup my bookmarks from the File menu > Export Bookmarks.

  • @Pesala said in Tips & Tricks:

    Add a Bookmark to Restart Vivaldi.

    • Add a new bookmark on the Bookmarks Bar in the Bookmarks Panel
    • Use the url vivaldi://restart
    • Click the bookmark to restart Vivaldi

    Note that any changes you may have made to Settings are not applied when you take this quick route. To apply changes, use File, Exit, then launch Vivaldi from your desktop shortcut.

    With Vivaldi 2.9.1705.41, I have to get vivaldi://restart into the address bar to restart it. Clicking a bookmark button with that URL in it does not work, nor does using a regular bookmark.

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    @Streptococcus It works fine for me. I see a dialogue briefly to force startup. I did not notice that on the Snapshot builds.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1903 build 18362.418 • Stable 2.9.1705.41 (64-bit)

  • @Pesala
    I do not get any result at all by clicking a bookmark with "vivaldi://restart", so maybe Mac Vivaldi is different? I also tried a "chrome://restart" bookmark with no result.
    Is Snapshot another name for beta version?

  • Moderator

    @Streptococcus said in Tips & Tricks:

    so maybe Mac Vivaldi is different? I

    Vivaldi is cross platform, we run the same code on Desktop and on Android.

  • @lamarca
    Why does chrome://restart work as a bookmark with Slimjet (another chromium browser) but not with Vivaldi?
    Exactly what is a Snapshot version?

  • @Streptococcus said:

    Is Snapshot another name for beta version?


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