Google Privacy/Tracking/History issue

  • I have History and cookies set to 'Session Only' but noticed this morning that as I began typing into Google Advanced it offered suggestions from a couple of days ago that I'd typed in. So I searched how to turn off javascript and found I could block it on a page by page basis using the green lock on the left of the address bar. I did so, then closed Vivaldi and relaunched it.

    Now I invented a totally new search out of my head: Turkish green radishes, got a search result, then closed and relaunched Vivaldi. The moment I began typing Tu... into Google it prompted me with Turkish green radishes. So how and where is this being stored? Opera 12 doesn't do this. In Opera, I have javascript off by default and an enable/disable button on my button bar, plus cookies session only.

    Hmm...? How do I post this? Click Plus sign? Erm... not sure what happened.

    Zoom right out. Ah, submit 'button'. This is a problem with no fit to width and no horizontal scroll bar.

  • @fidcalq
    A question that might sound stupid but you don't say anything about it so I'll ask anyway ^^
    What is your setting in: Settings --> Search --> Section "Allow Search Suggestions"?

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    Vivaldi saves cookies and your history on your hard drive and this is deleted, but if you search with Google, it saves your history online and you can only delete it by entering your dashboard and other sites in your account.
    That is why I use Startpage instead of Google

  • Thanks for replies.

    @zaibon: Sorry, yes I forgot to mention those 'suggestion' settings. I have got all those set OFF.

    @Catweazle : And that's the problem: To 'opt out' you have to 'opt in' and create a Google account. I don't want a Google account. Why should I be forced to open an account to stop someone spying on me? It ought to be illegal but unfortunately, politicians (Tony Blair's administration in the UK) gave commerce free permission to automatically opt in anyone so long as they allowed an opt-out (no matter how difficult, inconvenient, or hard to find.)

    The question remains though, why don't I get suggestions in Opera 12? I assumed I'd successfully blocked Google by having javascript off by default. It seemed to work. Another possibility is that Google track me via my IP address. Sadly, I used to have an internet service provider that provided a dynamic address. I could log off my modem for a few minutes then log in and get a new IP address. With my next ISP I had to wait hours (I'm guessing because fewer users.) Regrettably, my current ISP only provides a fixed IP address.

    Now, where's that submit 'button' gone again? [edit Yikes! This post posted itself. All I did was click a right pointing arrow to find the hidden right side of the web page.]

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    If you do not have an account on Google (GDrive, YouTube, GMail, etc), you have no other solution to eliminate your tracking cookies on your HD (Super Anti Spyware does it very well), to use a non-script extension, such as Privacy Badger, blocking everything that says 'Google' and using a search engine that is not Google.

  • @fidcalq said in Google Privacy/Tracking/History issue:

    Hmm...? How do I post this? Click Plus sign? Erm... not sure what happened.

    0_1520512287542_Submit button when zoomed in.png

    P.S. Try changing your default Search Engine to DuckDuckGo or something else other than Google.

  • Hi,

    I am using the extension "Privacy badger" to stop websites tracking me.

    However, when checking the extensions, I found another one named "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google)", maybe this one could work for you, too?

  • Thanks for posts. I do use DuckDuck occasionally but I have to admit that Google is better (not ideal) at search results than any other engine.

    Yes, I'll research these different anti-tracking extensions and give one or two of them a try. Sounds promising.

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    @fidcalq said in Google Privacy/Tracking/History issue:

    Thanks for posts. I do use DuckDuck occasionally but I have to admit that Google is better (not ideal) at search results than any other engine.

    Yes, I'll research these different anti-tracking extensions and give one or two of them a try. Sounds promising.

    I'm using Startpage, better than DDG. Startpage uses the Google engine and is therefore equally powerful, but is as or more private than DDG

  • @catweazle Interesting. And Startpage has a proper Advanced page too - and an image page. DuckDuck only has tortuous operators (like Bing.) I'll definitely give it a go.

    On a side note, I'm getting kicked out and have to log in for every post - presumably because I have cookies set session only. But there is no option in the green key to change that per site. In addition, I can't log in at all in Opera 12! Why? I'm pasting the same name and password. Surely this forum doesn't block non-Vivaldi users?

    Aaaggghhh! No submit button again. And that arrow really doesn't give me any confidence. What does it mean? A sideways arrow means submit a post? Why? I can't seem to zoom out with ctrl mouse. Let me try the slider then....... Ah, there's the submit 'button-thing' again. Very curious.

  • @catweazle
    How does google associate history to you if you are not logged in and you delete your local cookies and history???

  • @fidcalq
    I thnk what you are seeing is your typed in history not google search suggestions.
    I don't believe Google associates previous searches to suggestions, logged in or not.
    Which says to me your history isn't being cleared.
    Not too hard to test.
    See if you get prompts for a unique phrase if you manually delete history in "clear private data" .

    If I search in the address bar for "someuniquephrase" I'll see 1 suggestion.

    If I restart vivaldi (not deleting cookies or history) I will see the same suggestion plus my typed in and URL history.

    If I then delete only history, typing in "someuniquephrase" will show as in first pic.

  • @cantankrus

    OK, thanks. I should emphasise I'm only speaking of actual web page search.

    I've searched again through all the settings and can find no general settings for 'form completion' or similar.

    I have everything under Privacy OFF except browsing history which is session only.

    Now found separate 'Clear Private Data' not under settings (!) but directly in the Tools menu. When I click that (as an aside, a giant plus sign is obscuring what I'm trying to type here!) then it does clear this form history - temporarily of course. What I want is for that data not to be stored at all. It's stored even when Vivaldi is closed down and restarted. Why and where? And why not all forms?

    Done some more testing of search engines:

    Google: Remembers my personal entries from all previous sessions (even if Vivaldi closed and restarted)

    Bing: Only shows its own suggestions - none of my history.

    Yahoo: Remembers my personal entries from all previous sessions (even if Vivaldi closed and restarted)

    Startpage: Nothing. Shows no dropdown prompts at all

    DuckDuckGo: Only shows its own suggestions - none of my history.

    The above suggests the prompts come from the start engines, not Vivaldi (and yet 'clear private data' does clear it! So, where is it stored? In a Vivaldi cookie? But I have those session only! Still baffled.

    I'll be switching to Startpage AND trying some of the anti-tracking extensions as well in case I occasionally want to use Google or Yahoo.

  • @fidcalq
    You've confused me talking about forms and form completion.
    Can you post a pic of where you see search suggestions that indicate history isn't cleared.
    If I save cookies and history for the session only, when I restart vivaldi my settings show they are cleared.

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    Google is on all pages because of the huge amount of services it offers and the services attached.
    Although it is possible to become independent from Google, it is very difficult to find services that offer us the same quality.
    We can only restrict Google's access to too much private data and block its trackers.
    Anyway, I worry about more Facebook trackers, because they have shown that they do not respect our privacy at all, nor the most intimate. Facebook if it is a real spyware

  • @catweazle
    We all know google is omnipresent but I'm struggling to understand how this is affecting @fidcalq
    in relation to search suggestions when cookies and history should be cleared.
    Don't have a problem here.

  • @cantankrus : Okay, here's a snapshot:

    0_1520586007975_snapshot for vivaldi forum.jpg

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    @fidcalq You misunderstand the feature. That is no privacy issue with Googl.
    Form data is stored locally and inserted by browser's Autofill!

    Open chrome://settings/autofill
    Disable Autofill
    Restart Vivaldi

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    If the suggestions come from the local stored history, there is nothing against, bad only if it comes from the search service, from Google itself

  • @fidcalq
    You're not logged into any google account?
    With cookies and history set to session only, restart vivaldi and then goto chrome://settings/content/cookies
    Is there anything in "See all cookies and site data"

    Also check settings at chrome://settings/autofill


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