Dragging items in bookmarks

  • Hi.

    Is it me or now we can't drag to move items in the bookmarks pane anymore?
    Sorry, I didn't try to find the issue in other posts, but since my last update, I found that I can't do it anymore.
    I'm using Vivaldi due to the fact that I believe is the browser that provides the better organizing features of all.

    Can anyone bring some light on this to me?

    Thanks everyone.


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    @artur-gomes-viv Bookmarks pane? Do you mean bar, or panel, or page/tab?

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    @artur-gomes-viv I have mine set to "Sort Manually" and can drag them anywhere in the panel and the manager/tab/page.

  • Sorry guys, my bad.

    It was my laptop that was with some misconfiguration...
    I found later that I was unable to drag anywhere, thus the problem wasn't Vivaldi, of course.
    Everything is fine now and I'm already doing what I was about to do in this fantastic browser.

    Sorry about the alarm, guys.

    Thanks for this product and keep up with the excellent work.


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