Suggest me a good email client

  • Something between thunderbird (which became too laggy) and M2 (as features)

    Best if I can import thunderbird filters (most are for SPAM account)
    Best if will import to M3 (well just the fliters, as IMAP is like a cloud)
    "Fast" in moving mails between different accounts.

    I have to do account cleanups 🙂

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    @hadden89 It's unknown whether M3 will be able to import filters at all, especially early in its release. However, any labels or tags that resided on your IMAP client should be reflected. I know they are here.

    There are no good email clients (other than M3) currently under development as far as I know. EMCLient is fairly robust and versatile, but it is only free for two accounts or fewer - and if the database gets a glitch, it might spend 45 minutes on open sorting it back out again. Otherwise, I respect it. M3 will obviously import M2, but unknown if it will import EMClient, which has a very unique database. MailBird is under current development, but it has tons and tons of totally useless plugins and features (you don't have to install or activate any of them) as its special emphasis and, I think, is only good for three accounts unless you buy a license. It's fairly nimble and resource-thrifty, and I think uses the same database structure as Thunderbird pretty much - so it should be importable. I'm not aware of any other current and modern clients that are worth the powder to blow them up with.

  • @ayespy I'll give them a look ...
    I really hope not to have more than three accounts.
    I've many unused account with few mails I'd move to "main" accounts via IMAP and close them. Placing mails in a folder.
    SPAM account really need an heavy filtering (as "remove X mail from server" / move Y to sub-folder" / "move Z to spam folder") like TB does, and I'm used to account > folder > subfolder TB schema.
    I think M2 has some filtering, but it seems to be more like an heuristic system than a true rule system. And I've never used labels/tags.
    It's different from classic "mainstream" clients so maybe I just don't know how to use it, even with its simple layout XD
    I'd avoid to destroy IMAP accounts messing with it 😛
    Yeah, a solid database/reliable is also great. With IMAP I guess is smaller than the POP one.
    Maybe I'd also consider to do a new thunderbird portable and start a new clean and usable database as old is POP/IMAP mix which slow it a lot. And start "merging" the account to close with the less used account to keep.
    I'm not sure to "start again" with M2 or TB after all. But labels/tags are unknown to me, and don't replace the "legacy" filtering, I fear.

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    @hadden89 I find M2 to be the most reliable, nimble and capable of all my clients.

  • hello Hadden89 and Ayespy
    check out forum: Home / Lounge / Technology / Software / mail-client-recommendations ?

    Ayespy. do the ones not under current development really get outdated? or they remain solid product ?

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    @i_ri I'm sure they're solid enough for the people who already liked them. I never found that I liked any of them, or I would have been using (at least one of) them over the last years. So, being not under active development, they never got any better than they were.

    Some people like The Bat! for instance. It's a pay-for client and hellishly complex, but that's what some people want. More power to them. I could never warm to it. Now, that one is still under development, but it's no better than it ever was from my perspective.

  • @i_ri Thanks, I'll check them too..
    Probably I'll do a test with M2 with two less used account.... a nice guide for it, maybe?
    Especially how its filtering/tagging/labelling works? (on my own risk, of course)

    Well, judging how many people use it here, is quite working 🙂
    There is difference between M2 in Opera 12.x and Opera Mail (without browser) ?

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    @hadden89 I would have to say the difference is mostly trivial. I use the one embedded in 12.18 as my system default because it works as a Windows-compatible MAPI (system deafult) client, and the OperaMail one doesn't. I use it to grab and permanently store all my mail using POP3. For speed and utility, I use the OperaMail one to negotiate my multiple accounts using IMAP. So there's a redundancy there. I use M3 as much as I can to keep up with its progress and offer feedback to the developers so as to help it get ready for public release.

  • Hadden89
    That question about M2 must not be directed to myself; it was not the features for me. eudora OSE is great and fits into your looking through thunderbird relatives. it will remain the same now without any development; now developed forward solely through thunderbird. why is this another topic about non-vivaldi clients? unless it leads to feature requests from experiencing good products of the past not under current development. try them all for that reason. but choosing a primary non-beta seems essential to you right now....... ......
    I have experienced Every client .. and i only use webmail. my form of best practice.
    the reference to the past, even recent, other topic is because we broke through the silence barrier there about other clients and browsers with clients and into the torture zone for the developers of vivaldi client. there is no way to soothe the hurt to those working to create vivaldi. here I have done it again - minus the mention of another browser this time. Hadden89 made me do it :finger pointing, blustering, cringing smiley: We will correct when we can say migrate.
    Are we getting ready for the word Migrate? to vivaldi. More of our, we tried the others and you are going to love vivaldi? Ayespy says has tried them all.
    and let us not speak that starting again, changing clients is a big bad deal, , because eventually we will be asking users to do just that.

  • Ok, probably I'll keep the secondary IMAPs with opera mail - to take confidence with it - and main ones, which need more filtering, with thunderbird. Both in portable.
    And sorry for redundant thread too.
    I didn't search forum about the topic 😶


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