• are u planing to fully support html5 in the future? i use youtube often and noticed html5 is not supportet.

  • What I'm thinking is that YouTube doesn't recognize Vivaldi as an "HTML5-capable" browser and therefore delivers the Flash-based player, even though Vivaldi, being based on a recent version of Chromium, actually does support HTML5; similar issues were legion for Opera in the early days.

  • I use Youtube often too, and I'm fairly sure OP is talking about the browser not supporting certain video codecs, like H.264. Because of that, Youtube forces the HTML5 player to only render in low resolutions, which is annoying. It's a problem with browsers that aren't Chrome, although I'm fairly sure I heard Firefox was going to be supporting it soon. In the mean time, I've been using this extension (it does work with Vivaldi) on every browser that would support it in order to force Flash Player to load instead.

  • The HTML5 player definitely works on YT. I have just tried it with the flash plugin deactivated.

    And here's what YT has to say about Vivaldi's HTML5 capabilities:


  • YT works definitely in html5 for me, and for the record I'm not so pleased of that.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I belive the reason so few are supporting H.264 is that it costs about a million or so a year to have it supported. And I would assume that is why we aren't supporting it in the early days 😛

  • @Tiamarth
    I don't use Adobe's flash player at all, and the idea that Youtube forces the HTML5-player to render in low resolutions simply does not comply with my experience


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