Open Notes in a Tab (with a double click)

  • It should be possible to edit the note when viewed as a tab and to tile the note-tab with other tabs.

    The note could open in a tab when the user double clicks on it. This however would replace the "double click on a note to open the website where the text was copied from". I personally wouldn't mind that. You can still open the note and click on the link to open the website.

    If people do mind, the "open it in a tab" functionality could also be in the context menu of each note.

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    @martin-storch A better solution is to have a Notes Tab, like the History Tab and Bookmarks Tab that can be opened from the Start Page navigation bar.

    See Open Notes in a Tab from the Start Page Navigation Bar

    Breaking the current double-click feature of notes would not be popular.

  • @pesala

    Yes, I saw that some people would like to have it like the History Tab - thats also fine. But my intention is to have just a note side-by-side with a website (as a tiled window). And without the whole notes tree in that tab, cause that takes up space. On one side I can read a website and on the other I can take notes - with more space than the current solution in the Side Panel.

    And if the double click collides, the "Open note in tab" can be put in the context menu of the note.

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    @martin-storch A tiled tab is going to take a lot more space than the Notes Panel, but if you want it to use one third of the window you can set it to use a separate width.

    The Notes tree can be collapsed, leaving only the folder with the Note that you want to edit.

    The Note Editor at the bottom of the Notes Panel can be toggled to preview mode to show the effect of markup.

    0_1520452602011_Notes Panel Editor.png

    If the suggestion in the linked thread is implemented, then you could tile the Notes Tab with the current web page, just as you can now tile the History or Bookmarks Tab with the current web page (horizontally or vertically).

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